This is the dress code for Dancers' Element. The sections below will help you choose the right attire for your class(es). Only dance sweaters are allowed in ballet classes. No t-shirts or sweatshirts are permitted for ballet. Ballet shoes should have elastic sewn on (see information below or ask us how to do it). Leg warmers may be worn at the beginning of ballet/technique class. Be sure to label all your clothes, shoes, and bags.

Ballet Technique

Female: Pink ballet shoe, Pink convertible tights, Company/Black leotard
Male: Black ballet shoe, Black convertible tights or dance shorts, White fitted dance shirt

Hip Hop

Company Shirt Black Hip Hop Sneakers Female :Any color leotard or fitted dance top. Leggings or dance shorts optional.
Male:Any color fitted dance shirt, Long shorts, dance pants, or black tights

Lithurgical Praise Dance

Tan Half-Ballet Shoes/ Ballet Shoes
Female: Pink convertible tights, company/Black leotard
Male: Black convertible tights or dance shorts, White fitted dance shirt

African/ Afrobeat

Female: Black Leotard/ Black Tights Male : Black shirt/ Black shorts

PLEASE NOTE: Only dance shoes are allowed on the dance floor.

Hair: For all classes, hair must be pulled back, away from the face. For all ballet classes, hair must be styled into a bun.

How to Do a Bun: Pull hair back into a high ponytail and fasten with a ponytail holder. Twist the tail into a spiral and wind it around the holder in a circular path, securing it with bobbie pins and hair pins as you go. Cover the bun with a hair net, wrapping it at least twice around the bun. If hair is too short for a bun, then secure hair away from the face with barrettes.

Eyeglasses: It is always preferable to attend classes without eyeglasses; not simply for aesthetic reasons, but for safety issues. If a student must wear eyeglasses in class, then they must be adequately secured. Please note that students will be asked to try to participate in general rehearsals and performances without eyeglasses, if possible.

All class attire is available locally at our location or  Attitude Dancewear.